Las Madres '80 East


April 18
Craft Meeting
Janis' House

May 5-7
Los Padres Golf 2000

May 6
Slumber Party/Meeting
Shirley's House

June 3
Adult "Mexican Train" Party
Wilson's House

June 15
Patio Party/Meeting
Ruth's House

July 9
American River Raft Trip

July 29-August 6

                            4th        Brian Miller
                            8th        Randi Heinrichsen
                            10th      Julie Corral
                            11th      Trevor Wilson
                            12th      Merrilee Claverie
                                         Todd Claverie
                            14th      Lynn Miller
                            24th      Tyler Brooks-Schulke
                            25th      Marcos Gomez

                April Meeting
                            When:  Tuesday, April 18, 7:15pm
                            Where:  Janis' House
                            What:  Watercolor Craft
                            April 18th is a NEW date for the meeting. As many of us will be stressing
                            over a suitcase, preparing for an early Friday departure for the cruise,
                            Janis has agreed to change the date. The meeting will be at Janis', however, Vicki
                            is going to teach us an "easy" watercolor technique. We will be making notecards
                            that will be very similar to the paint with water that our little ones used to enjoy in
                            the by-gone days. Vicki will provide the materials at a $2.00 cost. If you happen
                            to have a small watercolor paintbrush, please bring it along. These are available
                            at Michaels for those who would like to purchase one. The watercolor pencils
                            are also at Michaels if you just know you want your own set. They are about $4.
                            Call Vicki for details. Also, if you have any large rubber stamps that would work
                            on a 3X4 inch notecard, please bring them along. Janis will provide the drinks
                            and snacks. See you at 7:15 p.m.

                            Happy Cruising to the Westcotts, Wilsons, Claveries, Eastmans, D'Agostas,
                            Cathy Hennig and friend, Brooks-Schulkes, Rasmussens, Kranaks, and

                            Rosters have been printed and are being distributed.  Check with Joan if you
                            don't receive yours soon.

        Saturday Coffee Clatch

                            Come join your Las Madres girlfriends every Saturday morning at Starbucks in
                            the Savemart shopping center for a morning of visiting. We can be found around
                            9:00 am anchoring down a group of tables, and if you drop by a bit later, we are
                            usually there still. We have been known to hang out until 11:00 or later.

                    March Joan

                            The eight ball party was well attended as usual. It was nice to see the Claverie's
                            join in for the first time. Merrilee was taught the fine art of playing 99 as a sideline
                            entertainment as she patiently waited to try her hand at shooting the balls. There
                            was lots of good food and fellowship and some hard fought games before a final
                            winning team emerged. Congratulations to Gary Nevoli and Joan Wilson. Let it
                            be known that a Wilson has been on the winning team for four years in a row....
                            but this time it was the female version. Guess all those late nights in the pool hall
                            finally paid off.

                            The meeting was held at Milpitas AMC. We went to see "Hanging In" and
                            although there was some tears shed, I don't think it was a blockbuster movie.
                            Of course the company was grand and we had the theatre to ourselves for the
                            most part.

                            The Ladies Weekend to Dorrington was wonderful. Eight of us stayed in a
                            family cabin just north of Angel's Camp. We had beautiful weather, some
                            shopping but for the most part we stayed together at the cabin and bonded.
                            We did play a long round of Mexican Train and then another time we bent our
                            brains over the Baby Boomer Edition of Trivial Pursuit questions; a dollar find in
                            the local thrift store. We learned alot and laughed alot and shared alot of quality
                            time. It was nice to have Marti join us. Vicki and Marti are the mega clothes
                            shoppers and the hot buy of the weekend had to be scarves and the
                            unmentionable find for Trevor.  (Editor's Note:  Who remembers what Joan plans
                            to do with it?)  Marti picked up a bunch of classic old time hats for her theatrical
                            collection. In Sonora we found a wonderful tea room for lunch. It is called
                            Babcia's (Polish for grandma).  They served a great quiche and salad, many
                            varieties of tea and scrumptious desserts. We sampled them all including the
                            complimentary chocolate cake.  Can you believe we all ordered something
                            different and no one chose the chocolate cake. Diane, the proprietor, brought us
                            a piece so we could sample her entire selection. Kudos to Ginny for daring the
                            commuter traffic Friday night and super kudos to Shirley for navigating the roads
                            on a four hour detour through the back country after the main highway home was
                            closed down due to a gas spill. What a memorable weekend it was. Thank you
                            Las Madres for bringing together such wonderful women to share these special

        News from Alene

                            Joan received a card from Alene Brown that read, "Being a friend with you is like
                            being given a precious treasure....and knowing I get to keep it for the rest of my
                            life."  She says ...."thanks for the cards, letters and words of encouragement.
                            Words can't express how much they mean to me.  I'm almost throught with
                            radiation therapy.  It's a good thing too.  I'm pretty uncomfortable.  I'm told after
                            about a month to recouperate I'll be good as new.  it hope they're right."
                            (We hope so too!)

                    Kid's Korner
                            Congratulations to Michael D'Agosta on his graduation from Cal Poly SLO.

        Los Padres Golf 2000

                            Los Padres Golf 2000 is scheduled for May 5, 6, 7th at Forest Meadows,
                            Fairway Condo.  Let Lou know ASAP if you want a spot.

                    Pinecrest Reservations
                            Pinecrest tickets are hard to get so you best get on the phone to make your
                            reservations (1-800-280-2267).

                    e-MAIL HIGHLIGHTS
                            A sharing in cyberspace.. ;-)

                            The week-end was great- thanks to all of you for making it so much fun.
                            It is amazing we are still chugging along after 20 years.  I got used to
                            having you around, and now I miss all of you.   Shirley

                            I loved spending the weekend laughing; so glad to have all of you as
                            friends.  Marti...please come more often; I loved having you along.
                            Staggeringly yours,

                            Dear Friends...
                            Except for the Looooooong ride home, what a great weekend!  Love you
                                            Randi    :-)

                            To my dear friends,
                            I sure enjoyed myself! I only wish I had decided to buy the dress, the
                            wine, and the olive oil seasonings! I can never make up my mind fast
                            enough!! I'm always afraid something better is going to come along &
                            I've spent my quota. We'll definitely have to try & find similar
                            accomodations in other places.

                            Hi everyone,
                            Thanks for a great weekend.  I really need to go away with all of you more
                            often.  I miss your companionship and fun times.  Next time you are going away,
                            make me go!!!  Only problem is, I am seeing spots on little square tiles in my
                            Love you all............mj

For a much needed laugh

                    CLUB OFFICERS
                            President - Joan Wilson
                            Newsletter & Web Mistress - Ginny Gomez
                            Treasurer - Vicki Rasmussen
                            Historian - Sue Butler & Janis Gerlinger 1