Las Madres '80 East

St. Patrick's Day
Happy St. Patrick's Day


Month of March
Saturday Coffees
9 am
The Coffee Society, Campbell

March 10

Casa de Gomez

March 15
7:15 pm
St. Patrick's Day Food & Fun
RSVP: Shirley

May 31-June 3
Ladies Spring Fling
Harbour House, Bodega Bay
RSVP : Randi

June 8-10
Los Padres Golf
Forest Meadows
RSVP : Lou

September 15
Beach Breakfast
New Brighton Beach
RSVP : Sue Butler


2nd Miranda Good
       Dave Heinrichsen
5th Taryn Rasmussen
8th Bret Kranak
9th Shaela Claverie
14th Michael Good
16th Bill Simmons
17th Scott Simmons
19th Jacob Verhoeven
23rd Cindy Pitcher
24th Allan Corral
25th Tracy Simmons
27th Jessica Caso
29th Kathy Roessler

March Meeting
When: Thursday, March 15, 7:15 pm
Where: Shirley's House
What: 3rd Annual St. Patrick's Day Food & Fun

March 15th will be our 3rd Annual St. Patrick's Day Food & Fun at Shirley's house.  Please phone or RSVP by  Shirley by Wednesday, March 14. to let her know you will be joining the fun!

Adult 8-Ball Party
WHEN: Saturday, March 10, 7:30pm
WHERE: Casa de Gomez
BRING: Appetizer or Dessert & BYOB (Soda provided)
It's that time of year to battle it out on the table! No skills needed, just a good sense of humor and a willingness to suffer to agony of defeat. Please RSVP to Ginny and she would appreciate the loan of a card table and some chairs.

Ladies Spring Fling
The Ladies Spring Fling is to Harbour House in Bodega Bay for 3 nights, May 31st - June 3rd.  Check it out at:  So far deposits have been made by
Randi, Vicki, Shirley, Joan, Janis, Sally, Robin,  and Sue Butler.  There are 8 beds so anyone else who wants to go will have to bring an air bed or ?  Looking forward to discovering a new area!

Returning Member
Add our returning member, Cathie Martinez, to your email group at:

6 Degrees of Separation from SJSU
As SJSU celebrates its
Sesquicentennial, we find that many of our members have an association with the university. 

Shirley - "
I finished my education at San Jose State but graduated from the University of New Mexico. How did that happen? I had about 5 years of college plus some more night classes, but because University of New Mexico didn't offer a BS in Dental Hygiene I still didn't have that. I thought I might want it some time, so tried to finish but l moved to San Francisco in February of 1972 still not finished. I had signed up for a program that allowed you to get kind of a general major and as long as you finished units 90-120 at UNM you could graduate from there. Just right for me! So I went to San Jose State spring semester 1976, took 5 upper division classes that sounded interesting to me (lots of geology, women's studies, criminology) and received my Bachelor's of University Studies degree from UNM dated 2 weeks before I took finals here. The campus was so much less crowded then that I would drive and park on 7th Street a block or so from 280 and walk!"

Randi & David -
Randi received her Intern teaching credential in 1972 and supplementary authorization to teach mathematics in 1983.  David received his BA in Math/Computer Science in 1984.

Marti & Bret - Marti
graduated in 1971 with a BA in Home Economics (textiles & clothing concentration) with an Art minor.  She returned in 1976 and received a teaching credential.  Bret attended SJSI for 3 years, but graduated from The University of Arizona.

Janis & Gary -
Janis is a third generation graduate from SJSU.  Her mom got her teaching credential there and her grandmother attended when it was San Jose Normal School.  Gary got his BS there as well.

Ginny & Tom - Tom began attending San Jose State College in 1970.  Ginny arrived there in January 1971 to start her junior year of college.  They met on the pool table in Royce Hall where Ginny beat Tom as well as anyone else who dared to challenge her.  Ginny graduated from California State University, San Jose, in 1973 with a BA in Mathematics and received her Standard Elementary Teaching Credential from San Jose State University in 1974.  Thus, Ginny was accepted to attend San Jose State College......received a degree from California State University, San Jose.......earned a credential from San Jose State University.......THREE NAMES....ONE SCHOOL!

Joan - "I have no connection at all unless a visit to the Events Center and camping out on their pool deck for a swim meet count.
(Editor's Note:  Having also camped out on the SJSU pool deck for many swim meets, I know they count!)

Kacey -
Kacey Roessler graduated in 2001 with a B.S. in Business- Human Resources after earning an AA at DeAnza in professional photography. She followed in her grandparents footsteps as both her Grandmother & Grandfather graduated SJSU as well- earning their teaching credentials there.

Saturday Coffee Clatches Continue
After much discussion, it was decided to try something different for coffee this year. We will be picking a new place to visit each month. We will go to that location for the entire month, unless we decide to have an "away" coffee :-)  For the month of March, our coffee location will be at the COFFEE SOCIETY.  According to their website ( - "Our location is in the popular Pruneyard shopping center adjacent to the Camera 7 Cinemas. A particularly good place to meet friends, have lunch, or just relax with an exceptionally good cup of coffee."
1875 South Bascom Ave., Suite 112
Campbell, CA 95008
(408) 377-7734

e-Mail Tidbit


... __/ /\____
, o`,/__/ _/\_ //____/\
```)( | | [1] | | [1]| | |[1] || |l
,.- ,.-~~-., `-. :

One day someone's mother died.

And on that clear, cold morning,
in the warmth of her bedroom,

the daughter was struck with
the pain of learning that sometimes
there isn't any more.

No more hugs,
no more lucky moments to celebrate together,
no more phone calls just to chat,
no more "just one minute."

Sometimes, what we care about the most goes away,
never to return before we can say good-bye,
to say "I Love You."

... __/ /\____
, o`,/__/ _/\_ //____/\
```)( | | [1] | | [1]| | |[1] || |l
,.- ,.-~~-., `-. :

So while we have it . . it's best we love it . .
And care for it and fix it when it's broken .
And take good care of it when it's sick.

This is true for marriage....and friendships.

And children with bad report cards;
And dogs with bad hips;
And aging parents and grandparents.
We keep them because they are worth it,

because we cherish them!

.... __/ /\____
, o` ,/__/ _/\_ //____/\
```)( | | [1] | | [1]| | |[1] || |l
,.- ,.-~ ~-., `-. :

Some things we keep --
like a best friend who moved away
or a classmate we grew up with.
There are just some things that
make us happy, no matter what.

.. __/ /\____
, o`,/__/ _/\_ //____/\
```)( | | [1] | | [1]| | |[1] || |l
,.- ,.-~~-., `-. :

Life is important,
and so are the people we know . .
And so, we keep them close!

.. __/ /\____
, o`,/__/ _/\_ //____/\
```)( | | [1] | | [1]| | |[1] || |l
,.- ,.-~~-., `- :

I received this from someone today
who thought I was a 'KEEPER'!

Then I sent it to the people
I think of in the same way!

Now it's your turn to send this to all those people
who are "KEEPERS" in your life!

... __/ /\____
, o`,/__/ _/\_ //____/\
```)( | | [1] | | [1]| | |[1] || |l
,.- ,.-~~-., ` -. :

Thank you very much
For being a special part of my life!

... __/ /\____
, o`,/__/ _/\_ //____/\
```)( | | [1] | | [1]| | |[1] || |l
,.- ,.-~~-., `-. :

Irish Blessing

WARNING:  Click the link above only if you want to seriously contemplate life.

President - Sue Butler
Treasurer - Vicki Rasmussen
Newsletter & Webmaster - Ginny Gomez
Coffee Coordinator - Kathy Roessler
Executive Committee - Randi Heinrichsen, Joan Wilson and Sally Brooks-Schulke