Las Madres '80 East


August 2-9

August 16
Coffee Field Trip
9 am
Rafiki's Cafe?
Contact: Robin or Tina

August 21
Summer Salads, Super Mexican Train & Spa
7:15 pm
RSVP: Randi

August 27
Craft Night at Robin's?
7:15 pm
Contact: Robin

August 30
Beach Breakfast & Sand Castle Contest
9 am
Contact: Kathy

October 9-12
Pacific International Quilt Festival
Santa Clara Convention Center
Contact: Tina

October 17-19
Ladies Fall Weekend
Pitcher Cabin in Pollock Pines
Contact: Cindy

November 1
Crazy Bowling
Cambrian Bowl
Contact: Sue Butler


7th       Abbey Nevoli (Happy 13th!)
              Nathan Laing
9th       Dee Castagnoli  
11th       Erik Rasmussen (Happy 26th!)
17th      Ron Miller
27th     Ruth Eastman

August Meeting
Summer Salads, Super Mexican Train and Spa

When: Thursday, August 21st
Time: 7:15 pm
Where: Randi's house
What: Salad pot luck (I will provide bread, drinks, and munchies), Mexican
train, and going in the spa!
Bring: salad to share, towel and bathing suit, $2 for "friendly" Mexican
RSVP!! or phone so we don't have duplicate salads!


Our Condolences
We wish to express our condolences to Janis Gerlinger and her family on the recent passing of her father.

Craft Night
Robin might be hosting this month's meeting???

Beach Breakfast & Sand Castle Contest--Sat. August 30
Remember the Sandcastle contest has been moved to SATURDAY of Labor Day weekend. Anyone wishing to meet at the Capitola beach for a shared continental breakfast at 9:00 please let Kathy know what you will be bringing. (Juice, fruit, muffins, bagels... all have worked well in the past or if you have a food idea of your own) Bring lots of quarters for parking!! We'll try to meet in our "usual" spot... out from where the "lake" meets the sand at the end of the boardwalk cut through.

See this month's "Website of the Month" to see what else is going on in Capitola that weekend. Last year we walked along & checked out the float construction for looked like a lot of work!!

Hope to see you there!

Saturday Coffee Clatches Continue
Meet your Las Madres friends for some coffee and conversation at the Starbuck's at White and Aborn on Saturday mornings at 9am. Every third Saturday is a field trip. This month we will be going (finally???) to Rafiki's Cafe at the corner of Alum Rock & White Road across from Peter's Bakery where you might want to stop for a treat.


The 25 Truths of Life...

1. If you're too open-minded, your brains will fall out.

2. Don't worry about what people think, they don't do it very often.

3. Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.

4. Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

5. If you must choose between two evils, pick the one you've never tried before.

6. My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance.

7. Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious.

8. It is easier to get forgiveness than permission.

9. For every action, there is an equal and opposite government program.

10. If you look like your passport picture, you probably need the trip.

11. Bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of checks.

12. A conscience is what hurts when all of your other parts feel so good.

13. Eat well, stay fit, die anyway.

14. Men are from earth. Women are from earth. Deal with it!

15. No man has ever been shot while doing the dishes.

16. A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.

17. Middle age is when broadness of the mind and narrowness of the waist change places.

18. Opportunities always look bigger going than coming.

19. Junk is something you've kept for years and throw away three weeks before you need it.

20. There is always one more imbecile than you counted on.

21. Experience is a wonderful thing. It enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.

22. By the time you can make ends meet, they move the ends.

23. Thou shalt not weigh more than thy refrigerator.

24. Someone who thinks logically provides a nice contrast to the real world.

25. It ain't the jeans that make your butt look fat.




President - Kathy Roessler
Treasurer - Vicki Rasmussen
Newsletter & Webmaster - Ginny Gomez
Coffee Co-Coordinators - Robin Nevoli & Tina Cuneo
Executive Committee - Randi Heinrichsen, Joan Wilson and Sally Brooks-Schulke
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