Las Madres '80 East


July 31 - August 7

Coffee Field Trip
9 am
Coffee at Dee's

August 19
Marti's Meeting?
7:15 pm
Contact: Marti

October 8-10
Ladies Fall Fling
Contact: Randi

7th        Abbey Nevoli (Happy 14!)
               Nathan Laing
9th        Dee Castagnoli
11th        Erik Rasmussen (Happy 27th!)
17th       Ron Miller
27th      Ruth Eastman

When: Thursday, August 19, 7:15 pm
Where: ?
What: ?

Only thing I know for sure (and I'm not sure about that) is that it was scheduled in January to be Marti's meeting. When I know will too!


Ladies Fall Fling!
It was decided at the July meeting that we would go up to "Forest Meadows" where the guys go for their golf trips.  It is up near Sonora and we can stay in the great house the guys stayed in.  There is a big deck and a good dining room table(for Mexican train) and it is up in a pretty area.    It will be a relaxing  trip with a little shopping, lots of eating, playing games and gabbing.  The dates are Oct. 8-10 and you need to send a $25 non-refundable deposit to Vicki (made out to Las Madres).  The first 8-10 people will get beds.  Any questions, call or e-mail Randi. 


Graduation Announcement
Sue and Jim Butler
wish to announce that their son,
Has completed his graduate studies at Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California, and
Received his diploma on June 11, 2004,
Earning a M.S.Degree in Engineering Management.
Eddie has accepted a full time position as a Network Engineer at Santa Clara University.
He continues to bowl on a couple of leagues and plays football and softball with friends.
We are very proud of all his accomplishments, and wish him the best in future endeavors.


Our Condolences
We wish to express our condolences to Robin Nevoli and her family on the recent passing of her grandmother.

Saturday Coffee Clatches Continue
Meet your Las Madres friends for some coffee and conversation at the Starbuck's at White and Aborn on Saturday mornings at 9am. Every third Saturday is a field trip. For the month of August Dee has invited us again up the hill to enjoy our coffee in her garden.



People over 40 should be dead and here's why:

                                According to today's regulators
                                 and bureaucrats, those of us
                                  who were kids in the 40's,
                                   50's, 60's probably
                                   shouldn't have survived.

                                  Our baby cribs were covered
                                with bright colored lead-based

                                   We had no childproof lids
                                  on medicine bottles, doors
                                 or cabinets, ... and when we
                                   rode our bikes, we had no
                                   (Not to mention the risks
                                     we took hitchhiking.).

                                  As children, we would ride
                                   in cars with no seatbelts
                                        or air bags.

                                Riding in the back of a pickup
                                    truck on a warm day was
                                    always a special treat.

                                    We drank water from the
                                   garden hose and not from
                                           a bottle.


                                  We ate cupcakes, bread and
                                  butter, and drank soda pop
                                 with sugar in it, but we were
                                   never overweight because
                                    we were always outside

                                   We shared one soft drink
                                  with four friends, from one
                                  bottle, and no one actually
                                        died from this.

                                 We would spend hours building
                                  our go-carts out of scraps
                                 and then rode down the hill,
                                  only to find out we forgot
                                          the brakes.
                                 After running into the bushes
                                  a few times, we learned to
                                      solve the problem.

                                  We would leave home in the
                                   morning and play all day,
                                    as long as we were back
                                    when the street lights
                                          came on.

                                      No one was able to
                                       reach us all day.

                                      NO CELL PHONES!!!!!


                                We did not have Playstations,
                                   Nintendo 64, X-Boxes, no
                                   video games at all, no 99
                                  channels on cable, video
                                     tape movies, surround
                                 sound, personal cell phones,
                               personal computers, or Internet
                                          chat rooms.

                                        We had friends!

                                   We went outside and found

                                   We played dodge ball, and
                                   sometimes, the ball would
                                         really hurt.

                                   We fell out of trees, got
                                    cut and broke bones and
                                   teeth, and there were no
                                lawsuits from these accidents.

                                     They were accidents.

                                  No one was to blame but us.

                                      Remember accidents?

                                   We had fights and punched
                                   each other and got black
                                  and blue and learned to get
                                           over it.

                                     We made up games with
                                  sticks and tennis balls and
                                  ate worms, and although we
                                  were told it would happen,
                                 we did not put out very many
                                    eyes, nor did the worms
                                    live inside us forever.

                                  We rode bikes or walked to
                                  a friend's home and knocked
                                   on the door, or rang the
                                  bell or just walked in and
                                        talked to them.

                                Little League had tryouts and not
                                      everyone made the team.
                                    Those who didn't had to
                              learn to deal with disappointment.

                                   Some students weren't as
                                   smart as others, so they
                                    failed a grade and were
                                    held back to repeat the
                                          same grade.


                                    Tests were not adjusted
                                        for any reason.

                                   Our actions were our own.

                                  Consequences were expected.

                                 The idea of a parent bailing
                                   us out if we broke a law
                                        was unheard of.

                                      They actually sided
                                         with the law.

                                         Imagine that!

                                 This generation has produced
                                 some of the best risk-takers
                                    and problem solvers and
                                       inventors, ever.

                                    The past 50 years have
                                     been an explosion of
                                      innovation and new

                                   We had freedom, failure,
                                  success and responsibility,
                                 and we learned how to deal
                                         with it all.

                                    And you're one of them!


                                 Please pass this on to others
                                 who have had the luck to grow
                                  up as kids, before lawyers
                                 and government regulated our
                                  lives, for our own good!

                                  People under 40 are WIMPS !

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