Las Madres '80 East



December 14
Christmas Party

December 16th
Coffee Lovers on Capital Expressway and Aborn Rd

December 19
Evergreen Valley Church Christmas Dessert Concert
Call Dee for tickets

January 20th
Coffee place on Thornwood near Blossom Hill
(across from Montgomery Ward)

January 27th
Pioneer High School's Big Band Dessert Dance and Silent Auction
Call Randi for tickets

June 30-July 7

2nd       Phil Martinez
3rd       Sean Nevoli
8th        Bud Butler
11th      Eddie Butler
17th      Steve Grady
20th      Alicia Martinez
21st      Jennifer Butler
            Carol Grady
26th      Jared Katz
28th      Sharon Simmons

December Meeting
What: Christmas in the Country
When:  Thursday, December 14, 6:30 pm
Where:  Dee's House

We have 14 ladies signed up so far for our annual Christmas potluck & party.  This is always one of the highlights of our year, so if you haven't yet called Dee, you need to do it by December 11 to reserve your seat and find out what to bring.  Gift "exchange" items to be in the $10-15 range -  it
does not have to be an ornament.   Come and enjoy good food and good friends!

Evergreen Valley Church Christmas Dessert Concert
    Tuesday night, December 19, 7:30 pm
    2750 Yerba Buena Rd. (near Evergreen College)
This will feature a very talented couple, Jon and Deanna Ramsay (who have both sung the National Anthem at the Rose Bowl).  The church and the music will be beautiful, and dessert will be delicious!  Tickets are $7.50.  Tables seat 8, so it would be fun to get a group to go.  Dee will be buying the tickets on Dec. 10, so call her before then if you want to go!

November Meeting Notes

The November meeting held at Vicki's was attended by eleven ladies who learned the fine art of bow making and simple decorating tips to enhance your home. Vicki made a simple but elegant wreath in a matter of minutes using McFrugal supplies. She then raffled it off and the winner
was....................Randi. Vicki had a wonder spread, including soup for those coming straight from work. The hot apple cidar and oatmeal cake was a big hit. Thank you Vicki.

Dues were collected. Please pay $12 to Vicki by the December 14th meeting. Thereafter, you will need to send $15 to join.

Dee had a signup for potluck items for the Christmas Exchange. Please call her and arrange your food. Bring a $10-$15 item wrapped for the exchange.

Officers for the Millenium year will be:
        Merrilee Claverie as president
        Joan Wilson as vice-president
        Sharon Simmons as treasurer
        Sue Ballard as coffee coordinator

The January planning meeting will be held at Merrilee's home.

In lieu of making a donation with our club funds, we have decided to postpone it until Spring time. We have recently given the shoeboxes to the shelter and we decided that charity is big right now for many companies and families. It would be nice to rekindle the feeling in a different season.

!Olej, el viaje en el “Tren Mexicano” fue buen exito!

    The Fiesta celebration was a lot of fun. Three passengers failed to board the train, but it was nice to see several surprise guests.  What a nice treat to see Laura Teran walk in with the full Mexican costume, even a black wig. It was apparent at that point that she would be the winner of the most authentic Mexican dress.  Bruce Kranak was the male counterpart. Honorable mention should go to Vicki Rasmussen.
    Also included in the guest list were past members, Connie and Peter Knott, Carolyn and Dave Westcott, along with invited guests Kent Magenall (Merrilee’s brother), Mark and Marsh Cuzner (friends of the Butlers), Laura Angel (fellow cruiser), Rita and Steve Richard (guest of the Wilsons) and Tina Cuneo (guest of Ginny Gomez). It was also nice to see Alene Brown come down from Novato. Thanks to the Butler hospitality, she spent the night, so as to avoid the long trip home. All in all we had close to forty attend.
    Special thanks to the Saturday morning coffee group who set up the hall in a festive way and for the group that remained Saturday evening to clean up.
    Other than the acoustics, most people seemed to enjoy the evening. We played four games rather quickly so after a brief intermission and food break, we played an  additional four games. Prizes were given to winners. Sally sure came up with some VERY creative prizes which included a cookbook for Connie Knott, Mexican cocoa for Laura Teran, a belt for Bruce Kranak, Mexican soda for Marti, cookies for Kathy, jalapeno chili peppers for Rita, a can of menudo for Keith, hot sauce for Robin and the most undesirable pork skins for Tina.

Pioneer High School's Big Band Dessert Dance and Silent Auction

Come join the Heinrichsen's at Pioneer High School's Big Band Dessert Dance and Silent Auction.  This will be held in the Performing Arts Center at Pioneer on Saturday, January 27th from 7:30 p.m to 11:00 p.m.  Cost is $20 per person with checks made out to Pioneer (tax deductible).  The bands  will be entertaining, dancing, socializing, dessert, and the silent auction will take place.  This is always sold out early so let Randi know as soon as possible.

Pinecrest Info

Several families have made their reservations for Pinecrest. Please talk with your families to decide if any time between June 30 and July 7 will work for you. We will be celebrating July 4th ( and Canada Day) at the lake. Joan will provide strawberry shortcake ( a red and white tradition) for
dessert on July 1st.  It may be better to reserve and cancel or sell to someone than to wait. This
is the favorite camping location for many and it is getting harder and harder to get the weekend dates.

Kid's Korner
Also congratulations to Denise Heinrichsen, who this past weekend qualified with the Pioneer High School Varsity Spirit squad to go to the National cheerleading competition in Orlando, Florida in February.  This is the prestigious competiton that is seen every year on ESPN.

Saturday Coffee Clatches Continue 

Meet your Las Madres friends for some coffee and conversation at the Starbuck's at White and Aborn on Saturday mornings at 9am.  Every third Saturday is a "field trip" - check the Coming Events calendar for the location.


A Thought For Christmas

Do you know what would have happened
If it had been Three Wise Women
Instead of Three Wise Men?

They would have asked directions,
Arrived on time,
Helped deliver the baby,
Cleaned the stable,
Made a casserole,
Brought practical gifts and
There would be Peace on Earth.

Roster Update
Alene Brown's e-mail address:

Send your winter holiday cards online!

President - Joan Wilson
Newsletter & Web Mistress - Ginny Gomez
Treasurer - Vicki Rasmussen
Historians - Sue Butler & Janis Gerlinger 1