Las Madres '80 East



    December 16
    Christmas Party
    Marti's House

                    2nd     Phil Martinez
                    3rd     Sean Nevoli
                    8th      Bud Butler
                    11th    Eddie Butler
                    17th    Steve Grady
                    20th    Alicia Martinez
                    21st    Carol Grady
                               Jennifer Butler
                    26th    Jared Katz

        December Meeting
                When:  Thursday, December 16 , 6:30PM
                Where:  Marti's House
                What:  Christmas Party
                What Else:  Bring your dish to share & Christmas "item"

            Our annual Christmas party will return to Marti's this year.  Our potluck dinner will be "luck
            of the pot" - the first ones to call Marti to R.S.V.P. will get their choice of what to bring.
            You MUST call her by Saturday, Dec. 11 to let her know you're coming and find out what
            to bring, or you won't be eating!  Marti will be providing her "famous" Strawberry Daquiris.
            Remember, instead of our ornament "exchange" , you can bring any type of Christmas item
            valued at approximately $15.  This event has always been one of the highlights of our time
            together, so let's ALL try to make it this year!

Y2K Dues

            Shirley says, that we will discuss next year's dues at the Christmas party and to "Tell people
            to be prepared to pay up then!"

                Get Well Wishes
                    Wishing both Marti and Shirley a speedy and complete recovery!

Ring Out the Old

            "We are going to be putting out our old frig for the oversize pick-up very soon.  If anyone
            has anything else to send, they should call me.  We can put out 3 things for $19, but only
            have one.  Call ASAP"----Shirley.

             e-MAIL HUMOR

                Twas the night before Y2K,
                And all through the nation
                We awaited The Bug,
                The Millennium sensation.

                The chips were replaced
                In computers with care,
                In hopes that ol' Bugsy
                Wouldn't stop there.

                While some folks could think
                They were snug in their beds
                Others had visions
                Of dread in their heads.

                And Pop with his PC,
                And I with my Mac
                Had just logged on the Net
                And kicked back with a snack.

                When over the server,
                There arose such a clatter
                I called Mister Gates
                To see what was the matter.

                But he was away,
                So I flew like a flash
                Off to my bank
                To withdraw all my cash.

                When what with my wandering eyes
                Should I see?
                My good old Mac
                Looked sick to me.

                The hack of all hackers
                Was looking so smug,
                I knew that it must be
                The Y2K Bug!

                His image downloaded
                In no time at all,
                He whistled and shouted,
                Let all systems fall!

                Go Intel! Go Gateway!
                Now HP! Big Blue!
                Everything Compaq,
                And Pentium too!

                All processors big,
                All processors small,
                Crash away! Crash away!
                Crash away all!

                All the controls
                That planes need for their flights
                All microwaves, trains
                And all traffic lights.

                As I drew in my breath
                And was turning around,
                Out through the modem,
                He came with a bound.

                He was covered with fur,
                And slung on his back
                Was a sackful of virus,
                Set for attack.

                His eyes-how they twinkled!
                His dimples-how merry!
                As midnight approached, though
                Things soon became scary.

                He had a broad little face
                And a round little belly,
                And his sack filled with virus
                Quivered like jelly.

                He was chubby and plump,
                Perpetually grinning,
                And I laughed when I saw him
                Though my hard drive stopped spinning.

                A wink of his eye,
                And a twist of his head,
                Soon gave me to know
                A new feeling of dread.

                He spoke not a word,
                But went straight to his work,
                He changed all the clocks,
                Then turned with a jerk.

                With a twitch of his nose,
                And a quick little wink,
                All things electronic
                Soon went on the blink.

                He zoomed from my system,
                To the next folks on line,
                He caused such a disruption,
                Could this be a sign?

                Then I heard him exclaim,
                With a loud, hearty cry,
                Happy Y2K to all,
                Kiss your PCs goodbye!


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            President - Shirley D'Agosta
            Newsletter - Ginny Gomez
            Treasurer - Vicki Rasmussen
            Historian - Randi Heinrichsen 1