Las Madres '80 East



Month of January
Saturday Coffees
9 am
  "Old" Starbucks Aborn/White

Contact: Kathy

January 17
Annual Planning Meeting
7:15 pm
Sally's House
RSVP : Sally

January 18
Lia Sophia Jewelry Party
7:15 pm
Joan's House
RSVP : Joan

1st     Adam Gerlinger
          Sue Ballard
6th    Tim Good
8th    Bill Caso
10th   Matt Strathman
11th    Mary Ryan
13th   Adam Reid
14th   Krystal Nevoli
16th   Vicki Rasmussen
22nd  Tim Ballard
22nd  Gary Nevoli
24th   Jim Ryan
27th   Lisa Cuneo

January Meeting
When: Thursday, January 17, 7:15 pm
Where: Sally's House
What: Our Annual Planning Meeting

On Thursday, January 17th, we will have our annual planning meeting at Sally's house.  Remember to bring your calendars, ideas, and a white elephant gift (I think).  Please contact Sally as I'm not sure what else we may need to bring.  Hope everyone will be able to make it.

Lia Sophia Jewelry Party
On Friday, January 18th 7:15pm, Joan is hosting a jewelry party to help Louise Cooper Newnan get started in a home party venture.  Lots of jewelry, lots of styles, lots of silver and some gold.  Prices are reasonable and come with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

Please stop by for a glass of wine and a presentation preview party.  I have a catalog if you care to preview before the preview party.  RSVPs appreciated so I have an idea of how many to
 plan for......Joan

Our Condolences
Our thoughts and prayers are with Marti and her family on the recent passing of her mother.

Wishing Walt Well
We hope Walt has a speedy recovery from his shoulder surgery on January 2nd.

Dues for 2008
Please send your $10 to Vicki by the end of January for this year's dues......THANKS!

December Update
Thank you to Merrilee for once again being the gracious hostess of our Christmas party.  Everyone had a great time eating wonderful food with fabulous friends.
For those who missed the Napa weekend, it was also a time to enjoy friends and food.
 Mark it on your calendar and join us next time.

Saturday Coffee Clatches Continue

Coffee for 2008 - It was decided at December's meeting that we would return to our original haunt at Starbucks on White & Aborn Roads. This is subject to change if the location doesn't meet our needs. We will continue to have occasional "away coffees" including "at home" coffee if anyone would like to volunteer to have coffee at their house. Check your newsletter & e-mails for notification of special "coffee events!"
Here's looking forward to many cups of coffee (or tea:-) with friends.

e-Mail Tidbit
New Year's Advice

2007 has sped by
Now, we need to face 2008

There may be risks involved

We may need to face roadblocks

So stay alert

Share time with friends

Jump over obstacles

With care

And caution

Face challenges

Remember to laugh



Make new friends

Above ready for adventure

Stick together

And you will be able to go far

Very far....

Well, not quite that far....

Always take time to smell the flowers

Don't forget to relax and enjoy

And never forget to love those dearest to you

Happy 2008!


New Year's Traditions Around the World

CLUB OFFICERS....and the beat goes on.....
President - Sue Butler
Treasurer - Vicki Rasmussen
Newsletter & Webmaster - Ginny Gomez
Coffee Coordinator - Kathy Roessler
Executive Committee - Randi Heinrichsen, Joan Wilson and Sally Brooks-Schulke