Las Madres '80 East

Summer Vacation


July 6
50 is Nifty Party
RSVP by July 1:  Dee


Coffee Field Trip
Contact:  Robin

July 13-20
Old Campers

July 22
Project Linus & Binky Patrol
July 22
RSVP:  Vicki

July 31
Craft Night
Cathy Hennig's House
RSVP:  Vicki or Cathy

July Birthdays
1st         Jerry Katz
10th      Tina Simmons (Happy 22nd!)  
11th       Kelli Castagnoli (Happy 22nd!)
12th      Chad Kranak (Happy 19th!)
14th      Don Pitcher
14th      Brian Pitcher (Happy 25th!)
18th      Jeremy Brown (Happy 18th!)
             Kevin Simmons (Happy 16th!)
20th      Janis Gerlinger
             Connie Smith

26th      Claire Brooks-Schulke
(Happy 10th!)
             Gary Gerlinger

27th      Doug Eastman (Happy 22nd!)
             David Painter (Happy 22nd!)
                 Joan Wilson
28th      Keith Roessler
29th      Jenny Pitcher (Happy 23nd!)
             Shana Katz
(Happy 13th!)
  50's Guy
50 is Nifty!
Saturday, July 6 starting at 3:00 at Dee and Greg's
This party is for parents only- no "kids"

We're going to have a BBQ and potluck, a ping pong tournament, putting contest, a cute "photo opportunity" by Sharon, a baby photo match up contest, all of our old albums to look through and laugh at, and of course, our favorite pastime - talking!

Wear:  Something funny having to do with aging

Bring:  Your own drinks in a cooler
          50 coins to be put in Marti's big jar.  These will be donated to the Wish Book
            (you can bring any combination of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters)
          The food dish you've signed up for

R.S.V.P. by July 1.  If you don't, we may let you eat, but you won't have a seat!

We need a snapshot size photo of each person coming when you were 1-2 years old for our contest.   Please get these to Joan by July 1.

Menu:     Hamburgers and/or gardenburgers (the club will buy these so let Dee know how many you'll want)                                              
             coucous salad - Kathy
             fruit salad          Cindy
             sumi salad         Cathy
             broccoli raisin salad - Joan
             bean salad          Shirley
             garbage dip (  sounds yummy Robin)
             cookies                Sally
             baked beans        Cathy
             7 layer dip  ?        Sue Butler
             brownies              Marti
If you weren't at the coffee meeting at Dee's to sign up -we need more appetizers and desserts.         
Plan to meet at Joan's at 2:45 to carpool.  

June's Movie Meeting
13 or more brave souls ventured to Ya-Ya land and had a great time seeing the movie!  Most started the evening with an Italian dinner in the mall although Robin arrived after dinner, and Cindy's arrival was one that will go down in our Club's history as the most unique!

Project Linus and Binky Patrol
Shirley sent in this info for the lady we met at Starbuck's while we were crocheting. (Editor's Note: Not all of us!) She lives in our area and is getting the Project Linus and Binky Patrol program going in Evergreen . They make handmade blankets for kids who are sick, homeless, etc. She has patterns, materials, etc. The next meeting at her house is July 22nd. Her name is Terrie Madruga, phone 223-2064. Here is the web-site info: or Shirley's comments, "Looks interesting and the noncrocheters or knitters, but pro-sewers could have fun with this one."

Evergreen Garden Club 2002
Are you a gardener?  Wannabe gardener?   If so, you might be interested in the new "Evergreen Garden Club."  Las Madres members Ruth Eastman and Marti Kranak are part of a small group that has recently formed to promote home gardening in the Valley.  No experience required; in fact, you don't even need a yard...a pot will do.     If you're interested, check out the very rudimentary web site at:
Or, feel free to call or email Ruth Eastman (  We have field trips planned for July, August and September and home meetings for the winter months.
“Life Begins the Day you Start a Garden"

Pacific International Quilt Festival
On October 17-20, this year's festival will be at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  Over 700 quilts and garments will be on display and many of them will be competing for prize monies.  The Vendor Mall will have over 200 booths with all your quilting needs.  Workshops and lectures are offered.  To register, obtain an online quilt competition form, or simply for more information visit:

Happy Anniversary
Congratulations to Dee and Greg Castagnoli who will be celebrating 30 years of wedded bliss on the 15th!

Sue Ballard is Moving
The phone number is the same, but the address will be changing:  3491 Sugarcreek Drive  95121
She'll be moving in mid-July and we'll be able to visit when she hosts the October meeting.

Las Madres is turning 50!
There are plans in the works for a celebration for the 50th Anniversary of Las Madres in 2003.  Visit the website below to read a little bit about it.  I have been making inquiries to find our more information and will pass along anything I receive.......Ginny

Saturday Coffee Clatches Continue

Meet your Las Madres friends for some coffee and conversation at the Starbuck's at White and Aborn on Saturday mornings at 9am.  Every third Saturday is a "field trip" - check the Coming Events calendar for the location of this month's excursion.


50's Shoes Remember...the 50's

Always remember that the perfect age is somewhere between old enough to know better and young enough not to care.

How many do you remember?
1. Candy cigarettes.
2. Wax coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar water inside.
3. Soda pop machines that dispensed glass bottles.
4. Coffee shops with tableside juke boxes.
5. Blackjack, Clove and Teaberry chewing gum.
6. Home milk delivery in glass bottles, with cardboard stoppers.
7. Party lines.
8. Newsreels before the movie.
9. P. F. Flyers.
10. Butch wax.
11. Telephone numbers with a word prefix,(Drexel-5505).
12. Peashooters.
13. Howdy.
14. 45-RPM Records.
15. Green Stamps.
16. Hi-fi's.
17. Metal ice cube trays-with levers.
18. Mimeograph paper.
19. Blue flash Bulbs.
20. Beanie and Cecil.
21. Roller skate keys.
22. Cork pop guns.
23. Drive ins.
24. Studebakers.
25. Wash tub wringers.
26. The Fuller Brush man.
27. Reel-to-reel tape recorders.
28. Tinker toys.
29. The Erector Set.
30. The Fort Apache Play set.
31. Lincoln Logs.
32. 15 cent McDonald hamburgers.
33. 5 cent packs of baseball cards...with that awful pink slab of bubble gum.
34. Penny candy.
35. 35 cent-a-gallon gasoline.

Decisions were made by going "eeny-meeny-miney-mo."
Mistakes were corrected by simply exclaiming, "Do over!"
"Race issue" meant arguing about who ran the fastest.
Catching the fireflies could happily occupy an entire evening.
It wasn't odd to have two or three "best" friends.
The worst thing you could catch from the opposite sex was cooties.
Having a weapon in school meant being caught with a slingshot.
A foot of snow was a dream come true.
Saturday morning cartoons weren't 30-minute ads for action figures.
"Oly-oly-oxen-free" made perfect sense.
Spinning around, getting dizzy, and falling down was cause for giggles.
The worst embarrassment was being picked last for a team.
War was a card game.
Water balloons were the ultimate weapon.
Baseball cards in the spokes transformed any bike into a motorcycle.
Taking drugs meant orange-flavored chewable aspirin.
If you can remember most or all of these, then you have lived!!!!


Camping Hints
(a little humor)