Las Madres '80 East

4th heart

9th   Julie Pearson
10th  Tina Simmons
12th  Chad Kranak
14th  Don Pitcher
          Brian Pitcher
18th  Kevin Simmons
20th  Janis Gerlinger
26th  Claire Brooks-Schulke
27th  Doug Eastman (AKA Dougie)
          Joan Wilson
28th  Keith Roessler
29th  Jenny Pitcher

Month of July
Saturday Coffees

9 am
LeBou at San Felipe/Yerba Buena
Contact: Robin
July 15
Filoli Field Trip
9 am

RSVP: Sally
July 17
Coffee Field Trip
9 am
Contact: Robin
July 21
6:30 pm
Salad Buffet & Recycle Event
RSVP:  Randi
July 23 -  August 1
Pinecrest Camping

July Meeting
When: Wednesday, July 21, 6:30 pm
Where: Randi's House
What: Salad Buffet & Recycle Event

Randi is hosting the meeting in July. She is going to have a cosmetics/clothes swap where everyone should bring those cosmetics that have never been used (not your shade of lipstick, etc) and clothes that are new or gently used to swap. It will be a LM recycle/green event!

We are going to start at 6:30pm with a salad buffet.  Please RSVP to Randi with what type of salad you want to bring.  Let's get some new original salads!  Randi will provide bread, drinks, and dessert.  Also, don't forget your books!

Filoli Field Trip.....Sally
    We  discussed a ladies day to the Filoli estate and magnificient garden for July.  We picked Thursday, July 15, as the best date.  I realize many  work on Thursdays, sorry about that.
It opens at 10AM, the admission is $15, unless you are 65 (we are getting close!).  I suggest to avoid heat, we meet to carpool at 9AM, and head up shortly there after.  We can have lunch at Buck's in nearby Woodside, and it happens to be next door to a small, cute, nursery.
    Here are the websites for Filoli and Buck's if you want to check them out.
    Buck's is such a crazy place, it is worth just going to their website to get a preview!
Please RSVP to
Sally so I know how big a  lunch reseervation to make, if there are just a few of us, I am sure we can just show up at Buck's about 1:00.

Kids Korner
Bill Caso's son Jeffrey was married on June 17 in Cleveland, OH (bride's hometown) to Colleen Dixon.  The happy couple are currently residing is Seattle, WA.

Saturday Coffee Clatches Continue
We meet every Saturday morning at 9 am at Le Boulanger at San Felipe and Yerba Buena.  There is a Starbucks across from it if you need something "special" to go with your bagel or pastry.  Our away coffee for this month will be on July 17 to ???

e-Mail Tidbit

Be the kind of woman  that when your feet hit the ground each morning, the devil says,  "OH CRAP, SHE'S UP"!

4th bbq


U. S. Government site for the Fourth of July - facts, recipe, safety tips & much more

President - Janis Gerlinger
Treasurer - Vicki Rasmussen
Newsletter & Webmaster - Ginny Gomez
Coffee Coordinator - Robin Nevoli
Executive Committee - Randi Heinrichsen, Joan Wilson and Sally Brooks-Schulke