Las Madres '80 East

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1st       Ed Ryan
2nd     Sally Brooks-Schulke
25th    Kevin Ballard
26th    Gary Gerlinger
29th    Andreas Tsafos
30th    David Ryan
Month of June
Saturday Coffee Clatches

9 am
LeBou at San Felipe/Yerba Buena
Contact: Randi
June 28
6:00 pm
Walk & Dinner
RSVP: Sally

June Meeting
When: Thursday, June 28, 6:00 pm (7:30 pm for dinner)
Where: Los Gatos Creek Trail & Hobee's
What: Game Night

The June meeting has an adjusted date, it will be the LAST Thursday in June, the 28th.  We will meet at 6 pm at the start of the Los Gatos Creek Trial, go for a walk and then to Hobee's in Los Gatos for dinner at 7:30 pm.  There is free parking in the lot at the start of the trail.  Please RSVP to Sally, our meeting hostess, so we will know to wait for you; of course it is fine to just join us for dinner.  Sally will follow the weather and adjust the course or walk as needed.

Message from Ruth

Thanks to all the ladies who made the trip to San Diego at great expense (airfare, garden tour, Shout!, restaurants)!  It was such a treat to see you all and I truly enjoyed each and everyone of you.  Such good sports you all were about the sleeping arrangements, the food, and the activities.  You all know that cooking is not my forte so I appreciated the tolerance :)    Thanks to Randi for suggesting the Beach House...I think it's safe to say that a good time was had by all; and the ride back in my van with Sharon, et al was hilarious.  I have not laughed that hard in a long time....thanks Sharon for always being so much fun.  Thanks also to Sue for renting her van, without which traveling anywhere would have been much more difficult.   A special, heartfelt thanks to Joan and Walt for all their help.  Joan and Walt basically made everything for the tea on Thursday and Walt was so gracious about playing chauffeur. And finally, a huge thank you for the spa and Roger's gift certificates...much more than I deserved and so thoughtful of all of you.    Although I am far away I still treasure all the friendships...a finer group of women does not exist.  Remember, mi casa es su if you're down this way there's always a light on and a bed ready.  Perhaps in a few years we can all meet here again as a group; and I'm hoping to be a part of more of the getaways...all that laughter is good for the soul!
With love and thanks,

Missouri Missive - The Month of May

Another busy month at the Wilson home. Who said retirement was sitting in a rocking chair on a porch watching life go by.
We started our landscaping this month and it is on-going. We now have a two tier patio done in natural rock and stamped concrete. The lower patio has a fire pit for evenings that we sit in the Adirondack chairs gazing at the lake. The green stuff (sod) arrives on Monday. It will be wonderful to see green instead of brown dirt. Walt says it won’t be so wonderful the first time we have to mow. We will have about four times the lawn. He is pushing for a riding lawn mower but I will push our old mower around to test the need for a riding replacement.

Good news for Walt. He has made a great recovery with his Wet Advanced Macular Degeneration. He had been receiving monthly shots of Avastin in his eye. The last two visits were spread out and his vision improved dramatically. He is back to 20/20 and did not take the shot at the last visit. He will be watched monthly by the retina specialist to assure the improvement is stable.

Our entertainment this month included World Fest, a collection of Italian entertainers doing a variety of acts. Last year we saw the Russian team that included some wonderful acrobats. On Sunday we are going to a Blue Grass Festival.
I went to an “English Tea” that was not exactly what I would call an English Tea. God forbid there was not a scone to be had. Lots of goodies but they need some training. Ha Ha.
Walt taught a garden group the art of Bonsai. It was fun and the lunch was great. The hardest part was finding Bonsai dishes….not many doing Bonsai in this neck of the woods.
We also went to a Rock and Roll Review and I was pulled on stage to do the twist…… our neighbors were impressed but I am sure Lou and Paula were much better on our Shaboom Cruise of 1990.

Over Memorial Day we took our fifth-wheel to Quitman, AR to visit with Shirley and her niece, Karen. It was fun to be with them. Seeing good friends from the bay area make it not seem so far away.  Our home is always open and we hope you will come visit the wonderful Ozarks.

Saturday Coffee Clatches Continue
We meet every Saturday morning at 9 am at Le Boulanger at San Felipe and Yerba Buena.  There is a Starbucks across from it if you need something "special" to go with your bagel or pastry.   There won't be an away coffee for June.
(NOTE:  Randi's Retirement Celebration is on our usual third Saturday field trip day, so take a field trip to the Heinrichsens!)

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These fit so well they should be in a dictionary.

A person who has stopped growing at both ends
and is now growing in the middle.

A place where women curl up and dye.

The only animals you eat before they are born and after they are dead.

A body that keeps minutes and wastes hours.

Mud with the juice squeezed out.

Someone who is usually me-deep in conversation.

Cold Storage.

Cutting money in half without damaging the paper.

An insect that makes you like flies better.

A grape with a sunburn.

Something you tell to one person at a time.

A bunch of bones with the person scraped off.

The pain that drives you to extraction.

One of the greatest labor saving devices of today.

An honest opinion openly expressed.

And MY Personal Favorite!
Something other people have,
Similar to my character lines.

(Read about our latest loan to Veronica in Peru.)

President - Merrilee Claverie
Treasurer - Sue Ballard
Newsletter & Webmaster - Ginny Gomez
Coffee Coordinator - Randi Heinrichsen
Executive Committee - Randi Heinrichsen, Sally Brooks-Schulke, and
Tina Cuneo