Las Madres '80 East


May 5-7
Los Padres Golf 2000

May 6
Slumber Party/Meeting
Shirley's House
RSVP Shirley

June 2-3
Relay for Life
Oak Grove High School
RSVP Merrilee

June 3
Adult "Mexican Train" Party
Wilson's House

June 15
Patio Party/Meeting
Ruth's House

July 9
American River Raft Trip

July 29-August 6


                                                        3rd       Michael D'Agosta
                                                                    Greg Castagnoli
                                                        10th      Betty Verhoeven
                                                        15th      Christian Corral
                                                        16th      Brandon Smith
                                                        19th      Rob Verhoeven
                                                        27th      Leah D'Agosta
                                                                     David Gerlinger
                                                        28th      Brett Nevoli
                                                                     Kurt Roessler

                            May Meeting - Slumber Party
                                                When:  Saturday, May 6, 7:30 pm
                                                Where:  Shirley's House
                                                What:  20th Anniversary Slumber Party
                                        Come One Come All.   Shirley will be opening her doors at 7:30 pm on
                                        Saturday, May 6th. This will allow for everyone to finish up the days
                                        activities with the family and get them fed, before you slumber over to
                                        Shirley's for a fun evening with the girls. Shirley will arrange for a late
                                        night snack and breakfast in the morning. Please RSVP to Shirley by
                                        Thursday the 4th. If you want to bring a favorite to share, let Shirley
                                        know so she can plan her menu. Dee, Sally and Randi will be entertaining
                                        us with some "girlie" games/quizzes. Hope to see you all and
                                                        DON'T FORGET YOUR NIGHTIE!
                                                                        The slumber party is in lieu of a May meeting.

                           RELAY FOR LIFE--A TEAM EVENT TO FIGHT CANCER
                                       WHAT:  Relay for life is a 24 hour event to increase cancer awareness
                                                 while raising much-needed funds for the American Cancer Society.
                                       WHEN:  June 2-3, 2000
                                       WHERE:  Oak Grove High School Football Field
                                        HOW:  Las Madres has agreed to form a team to walk the track during
                                                this exciting and beneficial event.
                                        To sign up, just contact Merrilee at 238-4158.  We already have 5
                                        committed people, but need at least 5 more.  The hundred dollar
                                        registration fee is being paid out of Las Madres funds.  All team members
                                        need to try and get sponsors for around one hundred dollars.  We will be
                                        setting up tents to spend the night.  However, if you can't come for the
                                        entire event, you are welcome to come for awhile.  There is entertainment
                                        and lots of fun for everyone.  If you can't walk yourself, all donations are
                                        appreciated. You can sponsor any of the team members. We hope you
                                        will be able to join Joan, Vicki, Shirley, Robin, and Merrilee.

                Saturday Coffee Clatch

                                        Come join your Las Madres girlfriends every Saturday morning at
                                        Starbucks in the Savemart shopping center for a morning of visiting. We
                                        can be found around 9:00 am anchoring down a group of tables, and if
                                        you drop by a bit later, we are usually there still. We have been known to
                                        hang out until 11:00 or later.

April Meeting Joan

                                            Janis hosted and Vicki taught the group to scribble and color, add
                                        water and create gorgeous watercolor notecards or frameable art in
                                        Dee's case. Wow did it look easy and so impressive.

                                            It was good to see Sue Butler at the meeting. She is walking with a
                                        cane as the result of a "sprain" to her ankle.  Get better quick wishes go
                                        to Sue.

                                Oregon Visit
                                        Sue Ballard is heading to Oregon in the near future and will be having
                                        lunch with Lynn Reid Miller. Sue will forward all the news. It is sad that
                                        some moms are not close by but it is always nice to see that the
                                        friendships started so long ago continue in spite of the distance.

                            Happy 20th Anniversay
                                        Congratulations to Sally and Jim who will be celebrating twenty years
                                        of wedded "bliss" on the 24th.

                                       Thank You from the Gomez Family
                                        ........for the cards, flowers, and condolences........they were appreciated.

                               Los Padres Golf 2000
                                        Los Padres Golf 2000 is scheduled for May 5, 6, 7th at Forest
                                        Meadows, Fairway Condo.  Let Lou know ASAP if you want a spot.

        e-MAIL HUMOR


                                            For a couple years I've been blaming it on lack of sleep and too much
                                            pressure from my job, but now I found out the real reason: I'm tired
                                            because I'm overworked.  The population of this country is 237
                                            million.  134 million are retired.  That leaves 103 million to do the
                                            work.  Of this there are 49 million employed by the federal
                                            government, leaving 52 million to do the work.  5.8 million are in the
                                            Armed Forces, which leaves 46.2 million to do the work.  Take from
                                            the total the 34,800,000 people who work for State and City
                                            Governments and that leaves 11.4 million to do the work.  At any
                                            given time there are 1,880,000 people in hospitals, leaving 9,520,000
                                            to do the work.  Now, there are 9,519,998 people in prisons.
                                                That leaves just two people to do the work.
                                                        You and me.
                                                                And you're sitting at your computer reading jokes.

For the Moms


                                            President - Joan Wilson (This one's for you!)
                                            Newsletter & Web Mistress - Ginny Gomez
                                            Treasurer - Vicki Rasmussen
                                            Historian - Sue Butler & Janis Gerlinger