Las Madres '80 East

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Month of September
Saturday Coffees
9 am
Orchard Valley Coffee (Campbell)
Contact: Kathy

September 1
Sand Castle Contest
8:30 am - 12 pm
Capitola Beach
Contact: Kathy

September 15

Beach Breakfast
9 am
New Brighton Beach (Campsite #63)
RSVP by September 10: Sue Butler

September 20
Dinner & ? Meeting
6:30 pm
Anderson Bakery (Eastridge)
Contact: Sue Ballard

December 1
Napa Valley Tour
2-7 pm
Contact :
Sue Butler

December 12?
Christmas Pary
Merrilee's House
Contact :

1st    Chris Tsafos
2nd  Tina Cuneo
4th   Ginny Gomez
         Lou D'Agosta
5th   Lauren Grady
6th   Megan Grady
8th   Denise Heinrichsen
10th Greg Wilson
        Bruce Kranak
15th Michael Cuneo
        Marian Caso
17th Robin Nevoli
        Rich Claverie
19th Darren Heinrichsen
21st Mary Jo West
25th Leah Verhoeven
27th Doug Eastman
28th Cathy Hennig

September Meeting
When: Thursday, September 20, 6:30 PM
Where: Anderson's Bakery (Eastridge)
What: Dinner & ?
Sue Ballard is the coordinator for the September meeting. We'll meet at Anderson Bakery at 6:30 fordinner. They have soups, samdwiches and salads there and it shouldn't be too crowded. We can sit in the back area and have plenty of room. After dinner and the meeting people can go shopping at Eastridge or to a movie if they prefer.

Sand Castles in Capitola
The Rosslers will be there... will you :-) Construction starts at 8:30 & judging is at 1:00pm. They'll be at their "usual" spot so look for them if you come.

Beach Breakfast
The Beach Breakfast will be on SATURDAY, September 15th at 9 A.M.
RSVP needs to be to Sue Butler by SEPTEMBER 10th

The site # for the Butler's is 63.  The Gerlinger's, Nevoli's and the Wilson's all have sites nearby as well.
Please bring your eggs, with whatever fixings you want in them.  Also, please bring your own cups, napkins, plates, silverware and coffee.  Same as last year, the club will provide fruit salad, sausage, sweet rolls and juice.  Please bring chairs as we might run out of seating at the picnic tables.
After breakfast plan on either staying and visiting at the sites, or going down to the beach.
Looking forward to spending a relaxing time with all as 2007 summer ends.

Napa B&B Tour & Taste Event
When:  Saturday, December 1, 2007
Time: 2 PM to 7 PM
Cost:  $45 per person for ticket (+Hotel & ?)

The Napa Holiday Tour is the first Saturday of December.  Last year Janis, Robin, and I, with our spouses spent the Saturday night at the Napa Inn which is one of the B & B's on the tour.  I think there was approx. 12 B&B's that you go to (some are walking distance from each other on the tour) and they also provide a shuttle to get you to each one.  The cost this year is $45.00 a ticket.  There is plenty of food and wine at each stop, and the holiday decorations and entertainment is well worth the trip.  Anyway, there is so much food, we didn't even have dinner that night.  It runs from 2-7 p.m. that day only (12/1.)
Some friends are planning on staying at the Embassy Suites which is walking distance from the Napa Inn.  If we get 10 rooms we can get a group rate of $159.00 plus tax for the night.  The Napa Inn has various prices for rooms as well.  Both include breakfast.

If you are interested in the Embassy Suites, can you please contact me.  I have 10 rooms reserved right now. 
If you are interested in the Napa Inn you can call them directly at 1-800-435-1144 (you can also go to their website to check out rooms and availability.)  If you do book at Napa Inn, let me know as well as we will get a 10% discount if we have 8 rooms for our group (which they will take care of when we pay at check out.)  If you stay 2 nights at the Napa Inn, you get one $45.00 ticket for the tour included.
The web site to just order tickets if you are not planning to stay in Napa or if you are staying only one night at the Napa Inn, or whatever is:
Any questions, please call or e-mail me.  Thanks, Sue

Bocce Ball Update
18 of us tested our skills again this year at the St. Frances Cabrini Bocce Courts (they really need to have better signs to find the place!)
The winning couple was Shirley and Lou with the final game against Janis and Gary.  Everyone's dinner's smelled delicious and the side dishes etc. hit the spot.  We all had dessert at the Butler's to top off the evening.  Talk of a new venue for next year.  We will keep you posted.  Start practicing now, cause they show no mercy!

Christmas Party Date
The Christmas party will be held at Merrilee's house.  We are looking at Wednesday, December 12, for the date.  Please let Merrilee know if this date will work for you.

Saturday Coffee Clatches Continue
    After much discussion, it was decided to try something different for coffee this year. We will be picking a new place to visit each month. We will go to that location for the entire month, unless we decide to have an "away" coffee :-)  For the month of September,
we will once again visit Campbell for Saturday coffee.  However, September 1 is Labor Day weekend & Sandcastle Contest day, so I don't know if anyone is planning on going to coffee the first Saturday in September.  We may begin there September 8.
Orchard Valley Coffee
349 E Campbell Ave, Campbell
(408) 374-2115

e-Mail Tidbit
ABCs of Life...
Accept differences

Be kind

Count your blessings


Express thanks


Give freely

Harm no one

Imagine more

Jettison anger

Keep confidences

Love truly

Master something

Nurture hope

Open your mind

Pack lightly

Quell rumors


Seek wisdom

Touch hearts


Value truth

Win graciously


Yearn for peace

Zealously support a worthy cause

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President - Sue Butler
Treasurer - Vicki Rasmussen
Newsletter & Webmaster - Ginny Gomez
Coffee Coordinator - Kathy Roessler
Executive Committee - Randi Heinrichsen, Joan Wilson and Sally Brooks-Schulke