Las Madres '80 East


June 4-6
Los Padres' Golf Trip

June 5
6 PM
Slumber/50th Birthday Party at Sally's

June 26
7:30 PM
50th Birthday Party for Greg Castagnoli
RSVP Dee by June 21

July 25
Family  BBQ at Creekside
Save the Date
Details to Follow

September 26
Beach Blanket Breakfast at New Brighton
Save the Date
Details to Follow

        1st       Ed Ryan
        2nd      Sally Brooks-Schulke
        14th     Jeffrey Caso
        25th     Kevin Ballard
        29th     Andreas Tsafos
        30th     David Ryan

    Message from Dee
        "Mom's Memorial Service was Saturday, and I want to thank everyone again for all the
        support you gave me during this past month.  It meant a lot.  I love you all.              Dee"

Update on Greg Wilson

        "I have good news on Greg and his recovery from the fire that burned his hands, arms and
        chest.  He is doing really well and has returned to work now that he has his fingers completely
        unwrapped.  The breeding of skin is coming along and other than the top of his hands things
        look great."    Joan

    More Good News from Joan
        "The other wonderful news to announce is that Walt and I are expecting our first grandchild
        very soon.  News was slow in coming and there was some concern for HER well-being but
        the last doctor's visit and tests have Greg and Des, Walt, Trevor and I anxious for her arrival.
        I will say that cross stitching is much more difficult once the eyes go.  We are having fun
        gathering up all the baby things that belonged to Greg and shopping for new pink things."

    Solvang  Update
        Eleven members went on the Solvang adventure. Our two rooms at  the Danish Country Inn
        turned into three after Vicki straightened out the management on their error.  We ate, shopped,
        ate, and watched videos in the room as we ate some more.  It was an enjoyable and relaxing
        trip for all.  Thanks, Vicki, for coordinating it for us and getting us the rooms together and the
        free video!

Cruise Update From Shirley

        "The cruise to the Western Caribbean- the "Texaribbean Cruise" will be scheduled for April
        23rd departure- Easter Sunday- 2000.   I have been in touch with a local travel agent and will
        meet with her on June 1st to get final details.  This is supposed to be a fun cruise, and not so
        expensive or such a long flight to get to the ship, as it leaves from Houston.   Prices start at
        about $1100 per person, including all taxes, airfare.  This is assuming a group of 8 cabins, and
        with early booking discount. Not bad, when you consider that all meals are included, and much
        of your entertainment, other than shore excursions, liquor, etc.  I will send more info after I talk
        with the travel agent.  If you have not already talked to me about the cruise, and you think you
        might be interested, give me a call."

        If you want a brochure or more info, call NCL at 1-800-327-7030, or


        Linda and Tim Good will be celebrating 25 years of "wedded bliss" on June 24th.


        Saturday, June 5th            6:00 pm

        Hopefully you are joining us at her old-fashioned, high-school-type slumber party for her 50th
        birthday.  For those who sent in their R.S.V.P. remember to bring a substantial hors d'oevre or
        snack for dinner as well as your White Elephant present for the exchange.  We will have
        make-it-yourself sundaes later and a catered breakfast in the morning..  Festivities also include
        arts and crafts.  Sally will provide wine and sodas (now we can drink wine "legally" at a
        slumber party since we are over 21).  Bring a sleeping bag & pillow.  7 beds & air mattresses

        No gifts please.


        Scheduled for June 4-6.  Friday and Saturday nights at house at Forest Meadows.  Golf Friday
        in Manteca.  Golf Saturday AM at Greenhorn Creek and Saturday PM at Forest Meadows.
        Golf Sunday AM at Forest Meadows.  Call Mike Ballard (274-3521) for details.


        Saturday, June 26            7:30 p.m.

        Come and help Greg celebrate with dessert outside on the patio.  Hopefully we'll have a nice
        evening to sit around and enjoy the stars, but bring a jacket just in case.

        No presents - instead, please bring 50 coins (any combination of pennies, nickels, dimes or
        quarters) to be donated to the Wish Book in Greg's honor.  (In case you don't get the Mercury
        News, this is a fund at Christmas time that makes wishes come true for people in our
        community who are in need.)

        R.S.V.P. to Dee by June 21

    Other Info From Shirley

        July - Randi is having the meeting.
        August - Ruth volunteered for this one but Shirley is not sure what she is planning.
        September - Shirley thinks we can try for our "book" meeting.  Place to be selected later.
        Everyone who is interested should read "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" by Rebecca


Adam Gerlinger will be attending Chico State University.


        Krystal Nevoli was a participant at the Glass Easter Egg Hunt at the Triton Museum.  She
        found a hand blown Easter egg by Baja, the artist who created the hand blown Christmas tree
        for the Fairmont, valued at $80.

    Mom's Definition of...
        DUMBWAITER:  One who asks if the kids would care to order dessert.
        FAMILY PLANNING:  The art of spacing your children the proper distance apart to keep
        you on the edge of financial disaster.
        FEEDBACK:  The inevitable result when the baby doesn't appreciate the strained carrots.
        FULL NAME:  What you call your child when you're mad at him (or her).
        GRANDPARENTS:  The people who think your children are wonderful even though they're
        sure you're not raising them right.
        HEARSAY:  What toddlers do when anyone mutters a dirty word.
        INDEPENDENT:  How we want our children to be as long as they do everything we say.
        WHODUNIT:  None of the kids that live in your house.
        WHOOPS!:  An exclamation that translates roughly into "get a sponge".


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